What is Integr8?

Integr8 is a place to learn, a place to get inspired and a place to challenge the status quo. As technology changes the way we make things, we too must change the way we think about manufacturing and the role we will play within this new, collaborative environment. Integr8 is where technology meets collaboration and where knowledge meets action.

Presented by Automation Alley, Michigan’s Industry 4.0 knowledge center representing 800 technology and manufacturing businesses across the state, Integr8 will provide you with valuable information to help you transform your business and expand your professional network of technology and manufacturing leaders and influencers.

No matter what industry you serve, the Industry 4.0 revolution will affect your business. And the future of Industry 4.0 belongs to those that are willing to invest time, talent and resources into implementing new technologies today.

About Automation Alley

Automation Alley is a nonprofit technology and manufacturing business association and Michigan’s Industry 4.0 knowledge center, with a global outlook and a regional focus. We connect industry, academia and government to fuel Michigan’s economy and accelerate innovation. We offer programs and services in business growth, entrepreneurship, talent development, defense and international business, providing resources and knowledge to help our members grow and prosper in the digital age.

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