Integr8 2018: One Action-Packed Day

Total Attendance: 812

A sold-out crowd of more than 800 professionals from the manufacturing and technology worlds converged on Detroit, Nov 14, 2018 for a day of deep Industry 4.0 learning at Automation Alley’s Integr8 conference and expo at Detroit’s Renaissance Center.

Integr8 is a place to learn, a place to get inspired and a place to challenge the status quo. As technology changes the way we make things, we too must change the way we think about manufacturing and the role we will play within this new, collaborative environment. Integr8 is where technology meets collaboration and where knowledge meets action.

We’re expanding for 2019! Due to high demand, Integr8 2019 will be held at Detroit’s Cobo Center.

Morning Keynote:

Tom Kelly
Executive Director and CEO
Automation Alley

Lunch Keynote:

Helena Leurent
Head of Shaping the Future of Manufacturing and Production, Member of the Executive Committee
World Economic Forum

An innovative, collaborative, educational and inspiring conference!
Amy WoodHuntington National Bank
I’ve done my share of expos and conferences and yours is top notch!
Rick ThorntonSecurity 101
We are already getting great feedback from the exposure.
Andrew KalinowskiThunder Technologies

Breakout Sessions

Industry 4.0 Journey Lessons

At Bosch, it was clear from the beginning that Industry 4.0 was neither a new, nor a secondary, manufacturing strategy for our 270-plus manufacturing operations. As both the global lead provider and lead user of industrial manufacturing technology, we have been on our own Industry 4.0 journey since 2013. Our Industry 4.0 solution implementations have been real world and practical, based on our interdisciplinary cooperation across domains. The end result has been a deep reservoir of knowledge. At Integr8 2018, we bring experts from various parts of Bosch to share some of this experience. Join us as together we tackle the factory of the future – now, next and beyond.

Delivered! The Digital Thread in your Supply Chain

Logistics has gone digital. From smart product tracking to digital documentation, digital threads can be found all along the supply chain. Hear from industry leaders as they discuss the benefits and challenges of the utilization of Industry 4.0 to track products from design to delivery through the use of digital technologies designed to increase traceability and decrease downtime.

Data Science & Deep Learning Demystified

Join Soothsayer and world-renowned data scientist and academician, Dr. Murthy Kolluru, for this breakout session on the intuition – not the math – behind cutting-edge algorithms and concepts like artificial intelligence. Kolluru will explore how recent developments, namely deep neural networks or deep learning, are more advanced and business-friendly than anything the field has seen. This session will also shed light on the main challenges an organization will face in terms of the people, data, technology and infrastructure strategies required for a successful AI transformation.

#DitchTheScript: Designing Talent Strategies to Meet the Future of Work

Explore the future of work pragmatists for ideas about how to shape and execute talent while legacy floods back into the open market. Learn how to harness the power of social capital and talent networks, re-build scalable pipeline of 21st century skills and use effective matchmaking techniques to source and supply. Discover how these agile operating models will help you to deliver efficient and innovative outcomes for your talent pool.

Think, Reason, Proceed: Removing Bottlenecks and Barriers with Artificial Intelligence

Evaluate the many benefits of implementing an artificial intelligence strategy for your business while maintaining a focus on translating the data into useful information and real results. Discover how companies like Google, P3, and Oak Ridge National Labs use their data to prioritize and mitigate risks, increase profitability by improving the customer experience and help drive a connected and automated ecosystem in a way that fits within their existing business models while allowing room for growth and change.

Optimizing Health Care: Big Data, AI and the Future of Medicine

If there was ever an industry in dire need of increased efficiency, cost containment and improved outcomes, health care tops the list. Despite consuming 18 percent of our nation’s GDP—equal to $3.4 trillion in annual expenditures —the U.S. leads the industrialized world in otherwise preventable deaths attributed to cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Yet, from blockchain technology to surgical robots, medical experts worldwide agree that Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI) will continue to play a key role in vastly improving health care quality and delivery. Together, man and machine are teaming up to exploit unprecedented amounts of raw medical
information churned out by powerful computers and advances in integrated software technologies. We are at an inflection point now and will soon look back and realize that today was only the beginning of a major revolution in medicine.

This session will also focus on value-based medicine whereby hospitals and physicians will be paid based on patient health outcomes designed to drive down costs and dramatically reducing patient “rebounds” or re-admittance due to surgical or other health complications.

Stories of Digital Transformation: Successful Transformation Case Studies

The Industry 4.0 revolution is transforming the manufacturing industry and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is one of its biggest drivers. Are you prepared? Or are you paralyzed and not sure which direction to go? It’s up to you to determine how to leverage the power of IIoT to strategically transform your business.

Twisthink works on 150+ projects every year and has been developing IIoT solutions that improve user experiences, increase efficiency and enhance health and safety, for over a decade. They are unlocking business potential that is reinvigorating the companies we engage, the products they make, and their bottom-line profits.

During this panel, learn from three company leaders who have experienced digital transformation through Twisthink’s collaborative work – Herman Miller, Whirlpool and Morey Corporation. They’ll share personal stories and perspectives on how they discovered the right customer challenge to solve with an IIoT solution, and how it had transformed their businesses. Join us to see what’s possible – and start thinking about what to build next – so you can bring value to your business.

Thank You to our Sponsors

Thank You to our Speakers

Manuel Florescu

North America Operations Manager

SPI Integração de Sistemas Ltda.

Bob Brincheck

Business Transformation Director


Rebekah Kowalski

Vice President, Manpower Manufacturing

ManpowerGroup North America

    David Pistrui, Ph.D.

    Industry Liaison and Clinical Professor of Engineering

    University of Detroit Mercy, College of Engineering & Science

    Michael McGray

    Information Systems Manager

    Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center

    Darrell Kleinke

    Director of Engnineering Graduate Programs

    University of Detroit Mercy

    Jeff Gibson

    Director of Advanced Business Strategy

    Herman Miller

    Dr. Peter Wawrow

    Director, Applied Research and Development

    St. Clair College