MITECHNEWS.COM: Automation Alley Partners With Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center On Industry 4.0 Breakout Session

TROY – Automation Alley had partnered with the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center to offer a breakout session during its Integr8 conference focused on how the smart and connected technologies of Industry 4.0 are converging to disrupt all industries, from automotive and defense to retail and health care.


Automation Alley plans its biggest event ever, looking at Industry 4.0

Automation Alley has come a long way during its 20-year history, mirroring the tale of our region and how technology has dramatically impacted business.

The nonprofit business organization was created by late Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson after hearing complaints from firms about the lack of qualified workers for tech jobs. Patterson, who died in August of pancreatic cancer, launched Automation Alley to address that gap and hopefully keep firms from leaving — a huge issue as the state was losing jobs by the thousands.

It’s still part of the group’s mission as the organization prepares to hold its largest event yet — Integr8 on Nov. 6 at TCF Center (formerly Cobo Center), where 1,000 people and companies from across the globe will convene.


Column: Why Michigan’s next governor needs to make Industry 4.0 a priority

The Oakland Press

As with any election year, there’s no shortage of topics vying for attention in Michigan — and they are all important to the citizenry: roads and infrastructure, K-12 education, healthcare coverage and protection of the Great Lakes, just for starters. What’s not being talked about enough, though, is the seismic shift known as Industry 4.0 taking place in manufacturing – Michigan’s crown jewel of industry leadership.