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Automation Alley is pleased to welcome global tech giants Microsoft and IBM to keynote Integr8 2019! A new era of manufacturing is upon is. Are you prepared? What are the possibilities of Industry 4.0? How can we modernize factories with new disruptive technologies? The knowledge and solutions are here in Detroit on Nov. 6.

Morning Keynote: Digital Transformation for the Industrial Enterprise
8 A.M. | Grand Riverview Ballroom

Manufacturing industry leaders are creating competitive advantage by unlocking new markets and creating sustainable customer success. While each company’s transformation strategy is unique, most are anchored by finding new ways to optimize operations, empower employees, engage customers and transform product offerings through the use of IoT, the cloud, AI, machine learning and other technologies.

John Kovac, Microsoft director of U.S. Industry Manufacturing, will share use cases on how Microsoft enabled digital transformation and made it a reality, including how they digitally transformed their own global manufacturing and supply chain operations.

Microsoft and its partner ecosystem have a deep understanding of how the manufacturing industry can leverage these technologies to drive business transformation. There is no best starting point. However, many guiding principles can help set the course to improving operational effectiveness, increasing workforce productivity and differentiating products and services.

Afternoon Keynote: Industry 4.0 at Scale: How AI, Open Digital Platforms and Agile Workforces are Transforming Manufacturing
NOON | Grand Riverview Ballroom

Martina Koederitz, general manager of IBM’s U.S. Industrial Market in North America, will share how manufacturing companies are working with IBM on Industry 4.0 to drive operational efficiency, create new business models, improve customer experiences and fund future transformations.

Learn how to embrace open and secure digital platforms to unleash innovation and integrate your ecosystem. Change the way you work by scaling AI and IoT across your manufacturing processes. And accelerate your training and reskilling efforts to keep your workforce productive and relevant.

Koederitz is a seasoned business executive who has combined business acumen and emotional intelligence into more than 30 years of successful technology, sales, digital and business leadership.

Koederitz currently serves as the general manager of IBM’s US Industrial Market in North America. In this role, she leads a team of professionals dedicated to helping businesses transform through technology across the electronics, automotive, aerospace and defense, chemicals and petroleum and X industries.

Previously, Koederitz spent five years as IBM’s global industry managing director for automotive, aerospace and defense and industrial products. From 2011 to 2018, she served as IBM general manager for Austria, Germany and Switzerland and IBM country general manager and chairman of the board for IBM Germany.

Koederitz takes pride in mentoring and developing other professionals; receiving the Mestemacher Award for Manager of the Year in 2015. She is an active LinkedIn Influencer and a member of the Supervisory Boards of Innogy SE and Bosch GmbH. She also holds board positions with Stiftung Rechnen, an organization whose mission is to help people feel more comfortable with mathematics, as well as Reutlingen University, one of Germany’s leading universities of applied science. Koederitz holds a masters degree in business administration, digital humanities from University of Stuttgart.

Power Play: How Smart Technologies are a Sports Industry Game-Changer
4 P.M. | Grand Riverview Ballroom

It’s no surprise that the smart technologies associated with Industry 4.0 are impacting industries well beyond the factory floor. In today’s ultra-competitive entertainment market, the sports industry must think outside of the box and find innovative ways to connect with fans, improve player health and safety, and win when it counts.

This year’s Integr8 conference will close with a panel focused on the digital transformation in sports. Join panelists from NASCAR and professional Detroit sports teams to discover how this industry is utilizing Industry 4.0 tools to gain a competitive advantage.

Gene Stefanyshyn, senior vice president and chief international officer for NASCAR, will discuss the technologies driving changes at NASCAR. This uniquely American product is experiencing constant improvement and reaching new audiences while gaining in popularity across the globe. Using Big Data, AI, 3D printing and Modeling and Simulation, the already successful model is breaking new ground and enabling opportunities for drivers and fans. To view full bio, click here.

Ashton Mullinix  is a sports business professional and has led the Business Strategy & Analytics team for the Detroit Lions since April 2017. To view full bio, click here.

Steven de Jongh is a Dutch former road bicycle racer. During his 14-year cycling career, he won over 40 races and has stayed in the cycling world past his riding days as a personal coach and trainer. Since 2017, he has worked for Trek, a multi-national bicycle and cycling product manufacturer and distributor committed to improving race performance and results through data analytics. To view full bio, click here.

Scott Hubble is a key member of Verizon’s strategic planning team, responsible for delivering technology solutions from concept to customer. Often referred to as the “5G Guy,” Hubble has deployed 5G technology to communities, campuses, and stadiums across the U.S. To view full bio, click here.

It’s Industry 4.0 game time and we’re here to win!

Our 2018 Keynote Sessions:

A sold-out crowd of more than 800 professionals from the manufacturing and technology worlds converged on Detroit, Nov 14, 2018 for a day of deep Industry 4.0 learning at Automation Alley’s Integr8 conference and expo at Detroit’s Renaissance Center. Watch our two keynote sessions below.

What our attendees had to say:

An innovative, collaborative, educational and inspiring conference!
Amy WoodHuntington National Bank
I’ve done my share of expos and conferences and Integr8 is top notch!
Rick ThorntonSecurity 101
We are already getting great feedback from the exposure.
Andrew KalinowskiThunder Technology