Fabian Borowski

Industry 4.0 Project Manager, North America

Fabian Borowski is the Industry 4.0 project manager for North America at Robert Bosch LLC. Bosch is one of the world’s leading international providers of technology and services, including IoT, developing innovative, useful and exciting products and solutions to enhance quality of life. Borowski is responsible for managing Industry 4.0 projects and strategy for regional Industry 4.0 activities at Bosch production plants in North America.

Borowski studied Industrial Engineering and Business Administration in Germany and started his career at Bosch six years ago as a process engineer at a production plant in Homburg, Germany. As a process engineer and later as the Industry 4.0 manager of the production plant, Borowski developed and implemented several Industry 4.0 solutions with the goal of connecting the entire value stream. He had the honor of working on one of the most internationally recognized projects: the Industry 4.0 Multi-Product-Assembly-Line from Bosch Rexroth. At the same time, Borowski managed the activities of Bosch in several Industry 4.0 public-funded research projects with a focus on IIoT, smart factory and cyber physical systems.

His passion for IIoT and practical knowledge of Industry 4.0 implementation and lean manufacturing lead him to his current position where he is responsible for multiple Bosch plants across North America.