Jean-Levy Beaudoin

VP, Platforms and Innovation

Seasoned Averna technology leader and customer advocate, Jean-Lévy (J.L.) combines product management skills and international sales experience to spearhead innovation at Averna. J.L. currently leads the team responsible for defining, developing and supporting platform-based solutions.

In addition to being a bridge-builder between customer requirements and technical solutions, he is also leading the PTC ThingWorx partnership to ensure Averna’s customers benefit from the flexibility and value of the platform in order to reach their Industry 4.0 requirement goals.

Since joining the company in 2008, J.L. has taken on increasingly challenging roles including director of business development, managing customer solutions and, most recently, Sales VP for USA and Latin America. Prior to joining Averna, he managed and positioned world-leading offerings at Matrox and Zygo for the financial, medical and semiconductor industries.