Robert Reiss


    During the past decade Robert Reiss has interviewed more than 750 top CEOs on The CEO Show, which is a nationally syndicated AM/FM radio program with over 600,000 listeners a week; the show was recently recognized as the “No. 1 podcast for CEOs in America.”

    Since 2010, he has been a specialist writer for on top CEOs and C-Suite executives, with a focus on customer experience, culture and digital disruption. Reiss publishes The CEO Forum magazine, which is received exclusively by the top 10,000 CEOs in America. Reiss is credited with coining the term “Transformative CEO” and he later co-authored, “The Transformative CEO” (McGraw-Hill 2012).

    Reiss’ work with CEOs has been featured throughout media including CNBC’s Squawk Box and in the Harvard Business Review, where he was cited as an “expert in executive communications.”

    In his not-for-profit work, Reiss is a director for Griffin Healthcare System and was a director for Kingsbrook Medical Center where he was awarded the Distinguished Trustee Award from the United Hospital Fund.