Sandeep Patel

Director Data Science and Presales Leader, Midwest

With more than 17-plus years of digital experience, Sandeep Patel brings a unique blend of business acumen and technical leadership. Patel is a thought leader in the domains of data science and manufacturing industry solutions. Currently, he leads Hitachi’s digital transformation initiatives.

Patel has worked with companies including Microsoft, Cisco, HP and Oracle in leadership roles. Patel holds double master’s degrees in business administration and computer science and is also currently pursuing a Ph.D. in data science and NLP/text and analytics. He is a public speaker in various data science communities where he helps clarify what’s realistic within Industry 4.0 and what Hitachi can deliver today. He directs Hitachi Global customers in understanding the Big Data- Machine learning and IoT solutions available from Hitachi and how they enable customer business to derive the business and technology value needed to compete in today’s market.